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5. Charles was a legendary famous American musician who was later referred to as “American original”, due to his combination of church music with American popular traditions with European Art music. He was among the early composers of experimental music systematic program. He is dubbed amongst America great composers and one of most prominent artists of his time. He also won various awards like Pulitzer Prize for his third symphony in 1947.
12. After graduating from Yale University, Ives worked as an insurance clerk. Alongside insurance work, he composed songs until retirement due to bad health. He later became a successful businessperson after starting his own insurance firm.
14. The first radical music work of 20th century-He composed two symphonies. “The Unanswered Question”- was written with unusual combination of four fruits, trumpet and string quartet. New England writers influenced it.
The Concord Sonata- It was one of his remarkable pieces. He started to work on it in 1911 and completed in 1915. The piece was not published until 1920 and a revised version appeared in 1947. The piece contains one of Charles ...
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He was born in Danbury. Later in 1893, he moved to New Haven where he enrolled for school in Hopkins school. In 1984, he moved to Yale and joined Yale University. After graduating from Yale University, he moved to New York where he opened his insurance company and continued…
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