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Country Music Author’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Name April 26th 2012 OUTLINE Introduction Background of country music Different Forms of Country Music Hillbilly Boogies Blue glass and gospel music Rockabilly Honky Tonk. Instruments in country music Fiddles Accordion Banjos Guitars Artists in Country Music John Carson Jimmy Rogers Samantha and Eva Davis The Carter family Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks Ray Charles The Charlie Daniels band Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Conclusion References Country Music Introduction The first thing that comes to the minds of many people at the mention of country music is an image of crooners in wide brimmed stensons, cowboy boots and guitars stringing


In fact, a deconstruction of the structure and histories of many genres especially the rock and metal music, which is so popular in America today although by all appearances very far, removed from the sober country music would show a connection closer than the majority would expect. I will seek to examine the origin of country music, its history and the genres from which it evolved from, its past singers. Moreover, I will evaluate the different forms in which it existed and still does the instruments that were used, its evolution and over times and the influence it has had to other genres of music today as well as their influence to it. ...
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