The effects Hip Hop have a society, money, and cars today.

The effects Hip Hop have a society, money, and cars today. Research Paper example
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Name Instructor Course Date Introduction Hip-hop refers to a cultural group movement that began in the early 1970s in Bronx, New York. It borrows upon the visual art, dance, political and social legacy of Africa Americans, Africans, Latino and Caribbean communities in the United States (Price 24).


They formed the DJ Africa Bambaataa, a hip hop collective and later the Zulu Nation. Since its emergence from Bronx, hip hop style has spread to the urban and remote communities throughout the world. There are four collective elements of hip hop, comprising; hip hop dance, rapping, graffiti arts and Deejaying. Rapping This is the primary ingredient of hip hop music. It comprises spoken and rhyming chanted lyrics. It is different from spoken word poetry in that it gets synchronized in time to a beat. There are different types of rap; the old school rap (1979-1984) characterized by relatively easy raps with no lyrical technique. The golden age rap; period in which the greatest transformation took place, complex word play and lyrical kung fu introduced. Moreover, rap contains flow; the rhythm and rhymes of hip hop music and how they interact. Flow also refers to elements such as volume, timbre and pitch (Price 26). DJ (Disk Jockey) Rap music began with the Deejaying from the beginning rappers accompanied by a turn tablist who scratch to create a percussive sounds that are in sync with the rapper on the stage. The turn tablists are able to create a beat that ensures the rapper’s pitch, flow and rhythm are all integrated (Price 30). Hip hop dance This refers to the dance styles performed to hip hop music. ...
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