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Name Instructor Course Date Classical Music Question1 Debussy’s music is aligned to impressionism which was France based, it brings on board the atmospheric or mood effect that is based on the subject rather than stating the subject accurately. The whole concept considered the feelings that are brought about by the work of art without the event or topic’s literal statement being included.


He broke from the unison form of sounds in the orchestral sound that he used; they were monophonic with instruments used individually contributing color for the whole break off. The register and combination that is played by the instrument does not reflect what the instrument is used for traditionally. Debussy emphasized muted brass, soft percussion and solo woodwinds. The motifs and themes are all fragmented upon the modes, tone scales and the pentatonic. For example the use the String Quartet found in g minor shows the use of Phrygian mode with tone scales wholly. His works portray a single theme that undergoes change throughout his art work. Debussy’s music‘s tonality is pentatonic, whole tone scales, modal and bitonal chords that produce bitonality. There is a slightly dissonant harmony in the music. The whole technique does not follow the sonata tradition. Schoenberg, an Austrian, was the leader of Second Viennese School and he was associated with expressionist works of art. He extended the romantic styles of Germany that included Wagner and Brahms. ...
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