How Latin American Music Has Developed

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How Latin American Music Has Developed Name Course title Name of Institution Name of Institution Date Abstract According to Slonimsky (1946), the history music of Latin America, unlike the European music history, does not exhibit a linear pattern of development.


Presently, the music associated with Latin American counties has been said to have originated from three main cultural phenomena: Europeans, local Americans and people of the African origins (Tiemstra, 1992). As much as the actual origins of Latin music cannot be traced properly, this paper is going to explore the origins and developmental process of this music. Also it will present the transformations that have taken place in this field of art from the ancient times to the present. The Development Process The actual origins of Latin American music cannot be traced easily, however, various explanations have been put up explaining this. Tiemstra (1992) suggests that one of the major explanations is cultural interactions: people from the European countries moved to America and were later followed by the African slaves. The two traditions together with the American one mixed and came up with an impure culture. Latin American music is a form of art which is associated with countries of Latin America, such as Cuba, and it is usually popular due to its unique rhythmical structures. Slonimsky (1946) explains it is both vocal as well as instrumental and formally derived from African traditional ceremonies. Its main characteristic is the unique rhythm it exhibits when numerous rhythms are played together to produce one exiting rhythm. ...
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