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Old Guard or Avant Garde, Name Instructor Task Date Old Guard or Avant Garde Music in the past generations composed of many genres and the 21st century artists used music in different ways to show and portray themes. Music has undergone several changes from the Avant-garde, which is music with new concepts and changes in composition.


It builds on the concept whether certain music set a different pace or keeps on track with the previous songs. In addition, the analysis gets basis on the concept whether music followed a trend of a given period. In this scenario, it is indispensable to exploit examples of famous composers who experienced an influence in their times. In the analysis, it is essential to ensure that the music posses detectable and noticeable compositions. This paper takes into consideration of two kinds of music by different artists that posse the qualities examined. Minimalism, a song by John Adams is one of the most serious and contemporary composers of the 21st century (Johnson 2011). Adams work is quite different from his previous forebears like Terry Riley and La Monte Young. This is because the work is vibrant, exuberant, muscular and propulsive making his song one of the favorites of many people. Designed to work and come up with the best music, Adams uses repetition as one of the qualities of his song (Sanchez-Behar 2007). The repetition used in the song emphasizes different aspects of the message derived thereby reaching the message of the artist. The repetitive thyme present in the song, which does not only pass the intended message but portrays Adams as a post minimalist. At the age of ten, Adams showed interests in music and begun composing. ...
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