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Old Guard vs. Avant-Garde

Well, until today, there has been an increasing number of different versions of descriptions on what music is and what it is not. However, there has not been a single universally acknowledged definition of music as it is a wide realm of art that is hard to limit within a sentence to encapsulate everything that it is. Well, to be able to understand music in its entirety, it is best to revisit its history. First of all, to give you the most general definition of music, it is an artistic form of auditory communication that incorporates instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner. Another great description of music would be that “it is any pleasing and harmonious sound created by singers or musical instruments” (Espie, n. d.). These descriptions came about during the Medieval Ages where musical notation, such as monophony and polyphony, were developed. Monophony is characterized by a music that only consists of one melodic line without accompaniment and where the beauty of the chant relied on its melody. On the other hand, polyphony is a type of music created by two or more melodic lines which are heard simultaneously ("History of Music", n. d). Music in the Medieval Ages was considered the “old-guard” music because at that time people were not open to welcoming other ideas and means of creating music outside of these standard definitions stated above. ...
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Music is a huge part of culture today. This has been our way of expressing feelings, emotions, and celebrating special events. A lot of people regard music as a sound that is pleasing to the ear while those sounds that do not form a melody or a tune are said to irritate ears. …
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