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Cause and Effect: The Causes and Effects of Divorce Essay example
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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Title: Date: Cause and Effect: The Causes and Effects of Divorce Many couples having a union got together hoping that things will work out no matter what. However, among the multitudes of such couples, a few grow to achieve this dream…


Theorists and researchers have tried to identify factors and causes leading to divorce in an institution which is believed to be the basic in the society and the most relevant to human growth. This is with reference to marriage and family which form the basic unit in the society. Factors that have arguably been seen to contribute to marital separation are also linked to the after effects especially to the children and the single parent, not to mention the society at large. One of the main causes for divorce as has been provided by the researcher is money. This is conceived to lead to the majority of family breakups. Most couples are displeased with the spending habits of each other leading to violence and fights. Irresponsibility of one partner can also lead to divorce based on money issues where one parent takes over considerable duties at the expense of the other who just spends. In the long run, the two parties shun away from responsibilities and in the event of there being offspring, inadequacy of basic needs is experienced. Another cause of divorce relates to alcohol and abuse of substances by one or both partners. This abuse builds a strain on a relationship and sometimes the user becomes violent followed with abusive habit. When a partner cannot take it anymore, they quit creating single homes. ...
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