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Name Term Date Course Code Campus Location Concert Report Any music enthusiast would agree that attending concerts is one of the most fulfilling things in life. In this case, attending a concert is entertaining and refreshes a person’s mind despite the daily pressures in life.


One such composition is Anton Bruckner’s Symphony No. 2 that contains four movements. Anton made the original composition in 1872 even though there are variations of the original composition (Corrs 4). On October 17, I attended the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande’s performance of Anton’s Symphony No. 2 at Geneva’s Victoria Hall. It was exciting to attend a concert conducted by Marek Janowski, who is regarded as one of the greatest symphony conductors. The team of about fifty players appeared splendid in their dressing with men wearing black tuxedos and white shirts while the women wore black pants or dresses, which I thought echoed the Romantic era that Anton composed his symphony. The ensemble had instruments that echoed the Romantic theme. In this case, there were aerophones that included the oboes, the French horn, bassoon, and the trumpet. In addition, there were chordophones that included instruments such as the double bass, the cello, violin, and viola. Finally, the ensemble's instruments would not have been complete without the timpani, which in this case was the only membranophone on use that night. The symphony has four movements: Moderato, Scherzo, Feierlich, and Finale. In the first movement, the players started in a slow tempo during the introduction and then moderately increased to a fast tempo. ...
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