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Full name Professor Subject Date Listening Guide & Song Review Title of song: Yesterday Artist: The Beatles Composer or songwriter: Paul McCartney Lyrics: Paul McCartney/John Lennon Producer: Sir George Henry Martin City where recorded: Westminster, London Year recorded and year released: 12 May 1965.


Without the lyrics, McCartney initially entitled his song “Scrambled Eggs” with the lyrics going ‘Scrambled eggs, oh, my baby, how I love your legs…’ Voice: Paul McCartney Instrumentation: Tony Gilbert (first violin), Sidney Sax (second violin), Francisco Gabarro(cello) and Kenneth Essex (viola) Style: Rock & Roll (Bluesy) Form: Blues (Bach’s) Improvisation: No improvisation Hook present: “I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday” Types of chords/progression: F- Em- A7- Dm7- Dm7/C- Bb7- C7- F- F/E- Dm7- G- Bb- F Musicianship level: Advanced Recording effects: Vocals, acoustic guitar, violins, cello and viola Time signature: A simple two-measure introduction of vamping acoustic guitar sets the stage, Paul thumping the bass notes on the one- and three- beat of both measures Special rhythmic devices: A concentration of strings Extended techniques: Paul McCartney on vocal and acoustics and a double tracking at the end of the final bridge Timbral effects: Soft lyrical voice with string quartet Lyrical content (what the song is “about”): The singer speaks about an affair that he had in the past wherein he was left by his lover. He did not know any reason about why his beloved left him and he is now longing for that relationship he had. ...
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