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Levitin and Wooten look at music how people perceive it within a large paradigm. Bolero is a movement musical piece that was pioneered by Maurice Ravel. It would later stand out as one of his most famous musical compositions of his time. As such, it is appropriate to use this piece to analyse these musical concepts (Levitin 78). The music features unique musical composition with a new style of composition and dance gestures, with the musical instrumentation largely utilizing a sopranino saxophone in F. Furthermore, this form of music has been characterized as having a plain structural composition being in C major of ? timing. In its composition, Bolero music starts with pianissimo progressing in a crescendo and ending up to a fortissimo being played so loud. The music is anchored on a constant ostinato in the entire composition. Wooten’s “The Music Lesson” brings out a rich collection of concepts that he has come up with over the years in his Bass camps. A combination of the ten ideas seeks to illustrate music as a language all interwoven into musical concepts. Quite distinctively, Wooten identifies these concepts as elements of music that he identifies as notes, articulation, feel, musical technique, rhythm, dynamics, tone, listening, phrasing, and space (Wooten 98). ...
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Name: Date: WOOTEN AND LEVITIN’S CONCEPTS IN TWO VERSIONS OF BOLERO With the use of the two versions of Bolero, Levitin and Wooten’s concepts of dynamics, rhythm/tempo, phrasing, and tone color can be identified and effectively analyzed…
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