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Focus On Music, Text and Drama Name: Institution: Focus On Music, Text and Drama Music, at all times, has been accompanied with drama, and its function in this combination remains quite multifaceted (BaileyShea, 2007). From early epic poems and ballads with simple musical auxiliaries to the increasingly complex sound worlds of fresh drama and music can ease drama in a couple of ways.


This paper will be discussing the meaning in this song and various factors as stated in the instructions. To enlighten you, I will be employing three main conventions Music, Structure and Lyrics. Davey Havok is an American actor, singer and fashion designer. He is best recognized as the lead singer of the bands Blaqk Audio and AFI (Kresky, 1977). He was born on 20th November 1975. Havok is a frank supporter of the straight edge lifestyle, atheism, and veganism. The great disappointment, the name of this song, was a historical event, which took place on 22nd October 1844. Some Christians argued that Jesus was allegedly going to return to earth during this day. However, that did not happen. This is where the main topic of my understanding comes from. In the song, Davey Havok uses past tense to explain that he had once done something, or to be more precise, he had once believed in a matter. All through the entire lyrics, there are concealed messages that a person would need to dig for a number of times to see the message clearly. The structure of a normal song contains three main sections - choruses, verses and ordering of ideas (Hoek, 2007). This song also has one main chorus, three main verses and the ordering of ideas. Ordering of ideas in the song is from positive to negative as is the flow in every song. ...
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