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Joseph ‘King’ Oliver Name Course Tutor Date Introduction Jazz is a music style having its origin in the black communities living in the US in the 20th century. It is a mixture of American and European music cultures. New Orleans is the epitome of jazz music dating back to the year 1910.


He became one of the best jazz musicians in New Orleans considering that the city contributed the best trumpet players during those days. By the year 1910, Oliver had a band and played a trombone as his first musical instrument. Other instruments he used in production of jazz music included the clarinets and the pianos. Drums were used as part of the music providing rhythm to it. General characteristics of historical Jazz music Jazz music is performed under certain musical conditions in order to create emotional tones. It includes following harmonizing rules together with good rhythm. The piano created the harmony required in the song while clarinets and other trumpets enhanced the chromatics and minor modes. The American jazz contained lots of raga that is fast and swingy. Oliver Joseph discovered improvisation type of jazz music. After moving to Chicago, he became very famous with the Dixie type of music, which was a hybrid of jazz. The wah-wah-wah technique is also part of his unique inventions with different sounds of horns. Being a great composer, he wrote many songs for jazz players. Some of his tunes are still played up to these days. Joe King Oliver was a bandleader and cornetist with a nickname earned while being a leading cornetist in New Orleans. He decided to move to Chicago in 1918 where he became very successful. By 1923, Oliver Joseph made some of the new recordings of Jazz music. ...
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