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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World (1967) Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong is well known for the New Orleans jazz style. New Orleans jazz also known as the "traditional jazz" exhibits most or all of the characteristics listed below: Wind instruments in performance polyphonically Easily discernible triad patterns 4/4 or 2/4 meter Instrumentations similar to the following: ‘FACE LINE’ (HORNS): 1.


This shows that each is simultaneously performing a different melodic line. (Riccardi 5) Brass band style: Instrumentation (usually): Augmented. A number of trumpets with some mixture of clarinets, saxophones, trombones, and sousaphones, with divide bass and drum snare. At times baritone horns or alto as well. Repertoire: Dirges, pop tunes, Marches, hymns/spirituals. Style: Free, improvised, loose. Drummers uphold a swinging cadence with stressing on the fourth beat of every extra measure. Drums continue involving tunes, with ‘roll-offs’ announcing each melody. Bass drummer often appends light ringing cymbal during every off-beats. Louis Armstrong has the following well distinguished individual characteristics. He is a sizzling individual, filled with tremendous zest and passion for life. Louis prospers in situations full of energy, movement, excitement, action, dynamism and drama (Armstrong 26). Besides his enthusiasm and exuberant vitality, Louis has an acute capability to visualize future potential, and an almost candid faith in ‘what could be’. Except for his vision, a wonderful dream or an aspiration to believe in, Louis is not completely joyful. ...
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