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Name: Instruction: Task: Date: Jazz Report Jazz music thrived among black communities in the 20th century precisely in the Southern United States. Its music style incorporated European music traditions and African beats. This gave rise to different genres such as Afro-Cuban jazz, punk jazz, West Coast Jazz, Swing and modal jazz among others (Goldersher 78).


The instruments played during their Live concert in Belgium in 1958 included trumpet, saxophone, piano, drums and Bass guitars. The concert starts with drums by Art Blakey followed by the rest of the band blowing their saxophones and playing their pianos. The song is classified under cool jazz characterized by hard and fast sound similar to that of Bebop. Such music was popularized by Lester Young between the 1940s and 1960s (Goldersher 83). However, the roles played by instruments differed significantly. For example, drums were accompanied by sticks while walking bass was complimented by Art Blakey in assistance with Lee. The piano was meant to raise the tempo of the cool flow of the song. This is unlike achieving neutrality of sounds through the hard and fast sounds of the drums and saxophone. Moanin’ is also a jazz piece done by Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers. It was performed in 1958 in the famous Belgium concert. Musicians in the entourage included Bobby Timmons, Benny Golson, Lee Morgan and Jymie Merritt. Instruments, on the other hand, entailed piano, bass guitars, tenor saxophone and trumpet. Moanin’ is a fusion of swing and Hard Bop. Swing was popularized by Duke Ellington because of several band members as noted in Moanin’. ...
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