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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Subject: Music, Essay Date: Topic: Ellingtonia Music 1.Reflecting upon Ellington’s total adult life and career, in your opinion, what would be the meaning of “success” to Ellington? To Ellington (Born: 29-4-1899 -Died: 24-5-2974) “success” meant hard and intelligent work, coupled with perseverance.


As the bandleader, he not only supervised but performed actively. He trained other musicians, and was willing to learning from them, thus his teaching was part of his self-training. He knew the importance and place of each instrument in the system of orchestra. He was the sterling pianists of all times. He anticipated the demand of the time in the area of music, modernised and updated the system of his music accordingly. Newly reissued albums arrived in the market at regular intervals. In effect, this was a good marketing strategy as well. He recorded over two hundred albums. He had plans for gaining ascendancy in the field of music, both as the performing artist, as well as the business strategist. He was a cool customer, a gentleman genius. He loved all music, not alone jaaz. Until he took up the cause of jaaz as the important genre of music, it was considered as mere “colored entertainment,” (Ellington, n. p.) and its popularity was in the selective areas. It did not command universal popularity and acceptance. Ellington transformed it into a complex and artful musical form. By the age of eighteen he had formed his first band; the Duke’s Serenaders and also wrote the first composition, “The Soda Fountain Rag.”(Ellington, n. p.) Since then Ellington never looked back and worked for success like an entrepreneur and management expert. ...
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