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Quincy Jones: Facing Adversity - Essay Example

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From gigging as a trumpeter with Lionel Hampton in 1951, to producing Michael Jackson’s album Thriller, to scoring 50 Cent’s autobiographical film Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Quincy Jones has demonstrated he has no creative boundaries…

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Quincy Jones: Facing Adversity

Quincy Jones: Facing Adversity

Quincy Jones has taken on many different titles in his lifetime. He’s been a record producer, television producer, an instrumentalist, an arranger, a composer, a conductor, and an entrepreneur. Phil Ek, producer of the Shins, Modest Mouse, and Fleet Foxes, said, “A producer is the person who creatively guides or directs the process of making a record, like a director would a movie.” Under this light, we can see that Jones’ other musical titles – instrumentalist, arranger, and composer – all are a part of the title “record producer.” For this reason, Jones is best classified as a producer entrepreneur. Quincy’s ability to creatively guide projects is what allows him to work in different types of projects. While one could argue that Quincy Jones’ jazz training is the reason for his success, Quincy Jones’ early childhood adversity inspired his passion for music, his zealous work habit, and his philanthropy; these qualities set him leagues a part from his peers, and, due to his impact on society, make him the greatest producer entrepreneur to have ever lived. Analysis Background and Personal Narrative One of the most significant distinctions between Quincy and his competitors is his love for music. While on a surface level, this may sound cliché; a look inside his early childhood reveals the depth of his attachment to music. Quincy and his brothers heard that there was food in a rec center, so they broke in, found the freezer where lemon meringue pie and ice cream was stored, and as they were stuffing their faces, Quincy saw a tiny stage in the room and on it was an old upright piano. ...
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