Jazz musician: Chick Corea

Jazz musician: Chick Corea Essay example
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Chick Corea Name Professor Date Music is one way that human use to communicate most of their feelings. There are different types of music being are commonly listened to one of them being the Jazz type of music. Jazz music originated around the twentieth century within the African-American communities.


Jazz music has different characteristics as will be discussed. Jazz music has seen its development and modification through the years of evolution as it has changed and other form of music has developed from Jazz music examples being the rhythm and blues, which is an affiliate of Jazz music. Histories itself have not seen jazz music at any given time as one form of single music. Before the 1930s, jazz music literally known by the big bands and by ragtime. (Ward, 2005 ) As jazz music developed great depression brought on smaller bands, which by then had been to as bebop era, which saw to the development of other smaller groups, which were seen in rock and roll in most modern genres over the period that jazz music was at its peak. Other form of Jazz such as the Classic jazz which was a form of the smaller groups type of Jazz that were characterized by use of instruments such cornet, trombone, tuba, banjo, saxophone, guitar, bass and in some occasions it was accompanied by a piano. Jazz has the preliminary cultural mixing as products of extensive cultural mixing in various locations, as jazz music had incorporated the use of rhythms and use of percussion. ...
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