Up In the Air

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‘Up in the Air’ is a 2009 American comedy drama film. Directed by Jason Reitman and co-written by Sheldon Turner and Reitman, the film is an adaptation of Walter Kirn’s 2001 book ‘Novel of the Same Name’ (Abramowitz, 2009).


The primary location depicted in the film is St. Louis Missouri, although it was substituted by other cities like Michigan, Omaha, Detroit, Las Vegas, Florida, Miami and Nebraska (Abramowitz, 2009).
The film has won several awards in screenplays and nominations. This analysis looks at ‘Up in the Air’ film with particular reference to its music, sound, continuity and editing among other aspects of movie analysis. Music and soundtrack ‘Up in the Air’ film features different music including songs by; The Black Keys, (Black Keys member gone solo), Elliot Smith, Dan Auerbach’s ‘which is quite good stuff between’ and Crosby. Other artists that the film features include Sad Brad Smith, Stills & Nash and Sharon Jones & the Dap among others. In actual analysis of the music in this film, most of the songs featured can make up a 12 track soundtrack CD (Schuker, & Lauren, 2009). Furthermore, the film also includes Kevin Renick’s titular song ‘Up in the Air’.
This is the song that plays in the closing credits of the film and is about uncertainty, loneliness, and disconnection where career transition is eluded. ‘Up in the Air’ is a melancholy song which also narrates about where one expects his or her life to go. ‘Angel in the Snow’ song by Elliot Smith is also included in the soundtrack of the movie. ...
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