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Name Instructor Course Date Live Performances Downtown concert hall held jazz and traditional performances on March 15, 2013. The performance took place in the evening. This gave me an opportunity to attend the concert and accomplish part of my assignment.


The performers were dressed in traditional Korean clothes when performing this eastern traditional folk song. The performers varied throughout the performance in five different ways. The first variation turned into rapid sixteenth notes. The clarinets, saxophones and temple blocks formed these notes at the beginning before the entire band harmonized. Then the entire band played these notes in unison until the end. This performance marked Viv ace. The band played the second variation slowly what marked Larghetto. The first part of the variation performed by a solo oboe then ended with solo play using a trumpet. Then trumpets played a series of eighth notes. The band repeated this until they reached the climax. After that the band played a whole band scale from high to low voices to mark the end of the variation. They played the fourth variation slowly using woodwinds and brass complemented by a series of chords. This marked So-tenuto. The last variation started much faster with a highly long solo. They played the second phase of this variation using flutes and the preceded brass. The conductor has played downbeat since the woodwind play three beats of the measure. The excitation increased as the music played as they approached climax. The song then ended with a melody of sixteenth note from the first variation (Rockwell 78). ...
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