Johann Pachelbel's Canon

Johann Pachelbel
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Name: Instructor’s name: Course: Date: Johann Pachelbel’s Canon I. Biographical Information. Johann Pachelbel is a legendary German musician who was born in Nuremberg Germany in 1653. The exact date of his birth is unknown but going with the fact that he was baptized on the 1st of September, he must have been born somewhere in late August.


Pachelbel in his youth was taught music by Heinrich Schwemmer. He was quick to grasp the gist of music and his talent was eminent. He portrayed outstanding music abilities in his early days and this encouraged his early teachers to nature the talent in him. He went to primary school at the Auditorio Aegediano and in St. Lorenz Hauptschule in his birth town of Nuremberg. He was a quick learner and performed brilliantly in school. He later on went to the University of Altdorf where his family was unable to raise the school fees for his education midway in his course and he was compelled to quite school. On sporting his talent and academic ability, he was offered an opportunity for further education where he joined Gymnasium Poeticum which is in Regensburg where he studied on a scholarship. He did not disappoint as he performed exceptionally well and was among the top students. He was in fact offered an admission in the school to be a surplus in the number of students as the school had already filled its maximum capacity number. Pachelbel got married twice with the first marriage ending by a plague which killed his wife and only son at the time. It was a very tragic event which put him under a lot of stress and even threatened his career in the music industry. ...
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