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Name Course Tutor Date Bryan Adams Concert This is a fiction essay on a Bryan Adams’ Concert. The paper describes my experience on Bryan Adams’ Concert where I was part of the audience. In discussing the concert, the paper will use the language and concepts of the six elements of music.


Bryan Adams is a Canadian rock star, guitarist, and songwriter born in 1959. He has recorded many albums that include 18 until I die, summer of ‘69, Cuts like a Knife, Run to You, and Reckless among others. His contribution to music has seen him win many awards, Grammy awards nominations, and selling millions of albums across the world. Indeed, Bryan Adams is one of the all-time best selling artists in the world. As such, I was eager to attend one of his concerts since they attract great reception as his performance commands international recognition. Most assuredly, I was envious to see him play the guitar and use the six elements of music, which include melody, tonality, rhythm, form, texture, and harmony. Indeed, I was part of the audience that graced the Bryan Adams concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Australia on 19 April 2013. The Sydney Entertainment Centre concert started at about 8: 00 pm and lasted for about 100 minutes. Thousands of middle-aged women and men attended the concert and enjoyed the best performance of Bryan Adams as he performed a set of his classic songs. Bryan Adams played the guitar in a rhythmic and melodious manner to the excitement of the audience. ...
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