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For approximately the first half of the 20th century, from about 1900 to 1950, jazz music was the overriding form of popular dance music in the entire United States. Dance bands and dance music existed prior to jazz music, and, after the rise of this genre, there were still numerous dance bands, which did not play jazz or utilize jazz elements scarcely.


Interestingly, even though most true jazz musicians seek to distance themselves from the understanding the jazz is ultimately a form of dance music, society’s perception of jazz continues to be concentric upon the belief that jazz is ultimately an early form of modern dance music. Some various jazz songs could be said to incorporate this element where the musicians thought it would be healthier to do something different instead of the ordinary music production. Likewise, for purposes of this performance review, the author will focus upon the following pieces and analyze how they were played and how this author reacted to the music: Andy Page’s “Up-End Adam” and “Jazzin’ in Jazz Town”, Brian Heater’s “Imagination”, and Mitch Rivet’s “Dancing with Pinkie”. The first two pieces to be discussed, those composed by Andy Page was magnificent in that the audience instantly engaged with the content. The trumpet was the lead instrument in this performance, which appeared to guide the artists. It carried the melody of every tune. ...
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