Billie Holiday's singing of the protest song Strange Fruit

Billie Holiday
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Name Professor Course June 15, 2013 Billie Holiday and the “Strange Fruit” Song The song “Strange Fruit” was written by a Jewish communist named Abel Meeropol and had a political message shown from an entertainment angle. The song was composed during the period of 1930s after he saw a picture showing an incidence of lynching in the South while he taught at De Witt Clinton High School in Bronx.


For example, the mainly white-dominated society practiced lynching and other forms of discrimination to the black population and this was the inspiration for this song when composed by Meeropol. Meeropol contends that he wrote the song to fight racism because he hates lynching and injustice and those who perpetuate them. The song “Strange Fruit” was performed by Billie Holiday who had a troubled teen life as when she was a teenager a neighbor attempted to rape her that resulted in her being sent to a reform school run by Catholics. After release from the reform school, she left for New York where she was again jailed for involvement in the crime of solicitation to offer prostitution services. She later performed Harlem jazz clubs and was one of the best singers and performers as shown by her command of the voice, beats and words in a song. Holiday the performer had a personality that could be described as electric, unpredictable and hedonistic but was good company to be with and smoked marijuana (Lynskey 9). ...
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