alcohol-related motor vehicle trafic crashed

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Alcohol-related motor vehicle traffic crashes Introduction Drunk drivers normally cause many road accidents around the world. These people drive under the influence of alcohol that impairs their judgment. Even though some governments have put initiatives like the use of Alco-blows, the accident cases are still on the rise.


In the end, the paper provides solutions or measures that a nurse can use to reduce the alcohol related car accidents. Accident situations are reduced in the United States yet Miami County still stays as the most dangerous places to commute in. This paper gives a detailed research on the topic, represents the findings and recommends the best ways a nurse can use to reduce the accident statistics. Population facts about Miami De County The county’s population is estimated to be 2.56 million (cited in SAMHSA 45). This is a statistic given as April 1 2011. It has increased from 2.5 million in the year 2010 in the same month. This has made the county to rest in the seventh place, to surpass Kings County of New York (cited in SAMHSA 45). This body uses computer programs that can analyze a decade old demographic data. It has proved fruitful in projecting the populations of about 131 largest counties in the United States. The Miami De County became number one in the Sunshine State (cited in SAMHSA 45). From these statistics, the county is really in need of interventions to help the existing strategies put in place to reduce road accidents. The police have also identified alcohol as one of the major causes of these car crashes. ...
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