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Essay example - Alcohol-related Motor Vehicle Trafic Crashed

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This paper gives a detailed research on the topic, represents the findings and recommends the best ways a nurse can use to reduce the accident statistics. Drunk drivers normally cause many road accidents around the world. These people drive under the influence of alcohol that impairs their judgment…

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This essay approves that the nurses must develop empathy before embarking on helping the victims. It helps them develop passion to help the victims. A nurse must have a positive attitude towards helping accident victims. In most cases, reckless drivers are receiving limited attention from the nurses. Nurses should also receive training from the top management to enable them develop a positive attitude towards their work. Care must also be taken to control the overacting personnel like the ones who develop compassion fatigue.
This report makes a conclusion that the Miami De County is facing road accident nightmares. The county is recording a worrying trend in the alcohol-related road crashes. This is attributed to the drinking habit of the county. Statistics show that the county did record high accident numbers between the years 2010 and 2012. Recently the numbers have been increasing with alcohol contributing to almost a third of the accidents. The traffic police have worked endlessly to salvage the situation to no avail. There is a new group of drinkers: the teenagers in university. These groups lead affluent lives occasioned with drinking. The resulted is many road accidents and death tolls. The only professionals that can handle this situation are nurses. This paper recommends that nurses can use their influence on the patients they attend to reduce these road accidents. They have a variety of intervention stages, from the education sector to the alcohol advertising companies. Throughout this paper, it is notable that nurses have less intervention with regard accidents. This paper also should bring awareness to the nurses and encourage their participation in reducing alcohol-related road crashes. ...
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