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A Professional Interview: An In-depth Analysis Name Institution A Professional Interview: An In-depth Analysis Introduction The popularity and importance of nursing profession is well documented in the research literature. The profession is getting increasingly famous because it has proven quite lucrative in financial terms while nursing professionals are rare to find and therefore medical facilities are compelled towards offering excellent non-monetary and monetary compensations in order to retain them in the long run.


She worked and served the society in the abovementioned role for one and a half year before becoming the Nurse Manager in the same facility. Nonetheless she moved to become the part of Family Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Winter in August 2004 whereas she had to quit her job at State hospital in order to take care of her ill aunt at home. Additionally she was able to remain a full time student at the campus during her first semester of the course but she was forced to become a part-timer at the later stage so that she can take better care of the aunt. According to the source it is very difficult and testing to manage a fulltime profession when one has to take care of children and an ill aunt and therefore she remained at home for one and a half year while continuing her part-time studies. After completing the course she gladly accepted a job of a Pediatric Rheumatology Nurse at University of US Medical Center. ...
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