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Clinical Judgment: Postoperative Pain Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction Pain management is a very important nursing process especially for surgery patients because postoperative pain can impact negatively on the patient. This is because patients need a holistic care (Selimen & Isikandsoy, 2010).


Yet, regardless of this, many patients still have to deal with excruciating pain after surgical processes operated on them. Nurses still don’t have the necessary skills for pain management and this continues to affect patients in a very negative way. This document looks at this issue from a case study point of view with a regard to understanding this issue and looking at how the individual nurses can use the Tunner’s Model which is a four step model for nurses to apply clinical Judgement. Part I There are a number of advantages associated with treating post-operative pain. The main advantage is related to the fact that nursing is about returning the patient to his or her normal state before the health problem at hand. Surgical operation on a patient treats one health issue but can leave the patient with other health issues such as excessive pain. In such a case, a surgical process cannot be considered as complete in terms of healing the person until the pain associated with it is overcome. Treating the patient in order to manage this pain and eliminate it is therefore a vital part of treatment and the sooner the pain is dealt with the sooner the patient can get back his or her health (D’Arcy, 2012). Failing to manage this pain would mean that the patient will not be able to get their health back. ...
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