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Public health Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract: Community health nurses are involved in health planning, implementation and evaluation in order to ensure the target populations receive the desired quality of health care. The nurses must provide health education, and primary health care services to individuals or families that are considered as members of vulnerable populations or high-risk groups in the community.


The primary goal of the nurses is to promote and preserve the health of the population through the assessment of the health needs, health planning, implementation and evaluation of the current impact of health services to the target population (Clark, 2008). The nurse is expected to act as a clinician, health educator by dissemination of correct disease prevention information, facilitator by establishing linkages and evaluator of the outcome of the nursing interventions. The nurses are involved in health promotion services and disease prevention in the communities (Carroll, 2004). The nurse is actively involved in health planning process by identifying the community health problems and environmental hazards that present high health risk to the target population (Clark, 2008). Role in health planning The nurse must collaborate with specific risk populations within the community in developing a public policy that will guide the disease prevention efforts (Phyllis, 2009, p 20). ...
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