Health Law and Regulations

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Health Law and Regulations Name Course Institution Date Introduction Law is a set of rules governing the conduct associated with recognition and observation of individual and property rights. The practice of nursing, just like many others, has governed the laws of which any individual in the framework ought to have knowledge of to limit their actions and decision to be within them in order to void liabilities.


In general, these policies aim at observing quality, enabling access, controlling competition and costs and improve the healthcare industry. Regulations of healthcare physicians and practitioners Healthcare physicians go down in history as the entities in health care that first began experiencing regulations. The first form of regulation is licensing that under America’s federalism is an assignment to the states. No healthcare professional can practice in the United States without having a license. For one to acquire a license they must be graduates from accredited medical schools and in addition, the state administers an examination to gauge the capability of the aspiring practitioner. The most stringent of these regulations lie in the American Medical Association that requires the professional to complete four years in medical training, an extra year in basic sciences training and a final year in medical internship. In addition to licensing and qualification, these practitioners should not discriminate against anyone based on religion, origin, or color and the regulating bodies have the power to discipline or suspended violators of these laws and regulations (Field, 2007). ...
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