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Kristen Swanson’s Theory of Caring Author Institution Kristen Swanson’s Theory of Caring Introduction Middle range theories can be applied in the field of nursing to take care of patients, families and communities at large. This paper will use a scenario common in the maternity department, in hospitals.


This is because she got amniocentesis performed when she would have just accepted the pregnancy. The patient feels so guilty and does not know how to live with herself. Using Kristen Swanson’s theory of caring, this paper will discuss the above scenario to illustrate how the nurse should address the situation. The theory of caring Kristen Swanson is the Dean of the school of nursing and a distinguished professor at the University of North Carolina at the Chapel Hill. Swanson got famous for her theory of caring. She developed the theory with intent of helping pregnant women who lose their pregnancy. The theory suggested that, in a situation where a nurse demonstrates that they care about a patient, the effect is as necessary to the patient as it could be had the nurse provided clinical activities to the patient (Grove et al, 2013). The clinical activities include preventing infections and administering medications. In the theory, Swanson referred to four phenomena that entail the field of nursing. These according to the theory are nursing, patient, health and an environment. The theory defined nursing as the informed caring of the well being of other people. It further defined patients as individuals who are in the process of becoming. The theory entailed five processes that should be followed when providing care to the patient. ...
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