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Should Human cloning be allowed

Development in genetics and biotechnology has led to formerly unexpected probabilities, one of which is human cloning. Research in cloning has been in existence since 1970s where frogs and toads have been researched upon. Tests related to plants and animal origin has been carried out for many years. On the other hand, tests on human beings have not been attempted or thought likely. This is until “Dolly” was scientifically tested. The birth of “Dolly” surprised many in the medical and nursing industry leading to a lot of arguments on the probability of human cloning. As a result of the cloning of “Dolly”, animals such as calves, mice, monkeys, pigs and rabbits were tested on a wide range of somatic cell nuclear donors (Campbell, McWhir, Ritchie & Wilmut, 1996). Cloning of animal has created a lot of debates and arguments in the recent times on the subject of the probability of human cloning. Numerous organizations for instance the World Health Organization (1997) and the European Parliament (1997) have articulated the argument that human cloning is ethically undesirable and have called for banning of its development. In USA, The National Bioethics Advisory Commission suggested a suspension on cloning offspring via somatic cell nuclear transplants. Over and above, it is not merely a probability but a reality to all stake holders and nurses at large. ...
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This paper evaluates the ethical concerns of human cloning and justifies why human cloning should not be allowed in both ethical view and nursing point of view. By this means, the paper presents the ethical considerations of reproductive human cloning, argues the significant causes of concern and brings into the picture a nursing point of view on the subject of human cloning…
Author : aufderharjaniya

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