To compare ADN education to BSN education

To compare ADN education to BSN education Essay example
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Comparing ADN and BSN Education in Nursing Name University Comparing ADN and BSN Education Associate degrees are course in nursing that were introduced in the 1950s geared towards supporting and encouraging increased and speedy edification of individuals pursuing nursing in community colleges.


Baccalaureate degree is also called a B.S.N. This paper focuses on the differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the associate degree level versus the baccalaureate degree level in nursing. This paper also describes how nursing care or approaches to the decision-making may differ based upon the educational preparation of the nurse i.e. BSN versus a diploma or an AND degree. It is of significance to elucidate the fact that instantaneous or concurrent continuation of divergent entrance levels courses in the field of nursing brings with it a lot of uncertainty and complexities in differentiating among the competences of individuals possessing various categories of courses. In fact, some States in America have chosen individuals with associate graduate degrees to perform mechanical duties whereas those with baccalaureate degrees have been awarded specialized duties. In reacting to this development, the American Association of Colleges in 1998 charted down the most significant abilities and skills that must be acquired by individuals in order for them to qualify for potential or upcoming opportunities (Ellis & Hartley, 2004). Therefore, an individual on possession of a baccalaureate degree has an elevated possibility of benefiting from a many chances in the practicing nursing. ...
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