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Leadership Journal 2 - Change Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Leadership Journal 2 - Change There is a common adage which states that the only permanent facet in the world is change. Each individual experiences different types and forms of change in terms of going through physical stages of growth and development; as well as adapting and adjusting to the transformations posed by the external environment.


Likewise, the response to evaluating the change in the work setting would necessitate including a change theory and detailing how the use of the theory did or would have helped the implementation of the change. The Change Transition in the Work Setting One is currently working as a registered nurse with a Nursing and Rehabilitation Health Care Facility. The change that currently occurred in this work setting is transitioning from manual or paper-based documentation to computer-based documentation system. Due to the fast paced-technological developments that ensued in the current century, the impetus for change to transcend from paper-based documentation to computer-based documentation through the electronic medical record (EMR) was deemed inevitable. Previous Paper-Based Documentation System The system that had been used to document crucial information, assessment, and interventions provided to patients were traditionally recorded through charting. This means that a patient’s chart is used to record all pertinent information since the patient’s entry in the health care setting for confinement. ...
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