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Qaulity Paper

It is important to elucidate the fact that these indicators are a reveals certain features and characteristics of nursing care such as organization, procedure, and results of nursing care. Nursing sensitive indicators are classified or categorized into three i.e. organizational, procedural, and results based indicators. Organizational indicators include issues such as inadequate personnel, level of abilities, talents, and expertise of nursing personnel, and level of edification, qualifications, and official recognition. Procedural indicators assess the procedures used in identification of disease, intercession, and contentment of nursing personnel. Result based indicators focuses on the value and magnitude of the nursing care (Marquis & Huston, 2011). This paper focuses on the supply of nursing personnel as a sensitive indicator. Staffing level To understand what makes the supply of adequate amounts of personnel in nursing a nursing sensitive issue, it is important to posit that many countries have imposed compulsory nursing staffing levels. Staffing level is nursing sensitive as it is a major determinant of nursing outcome. Results from studies done in the past have elucidated the importance of having adequate levels of staff in nursing practice. ...
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Nursing Sensitive Indicators Course Number Instructor Date Nursing sensitive indicators Nursing sensitive indicators are efforts geared towards describing and classifying the quality of nursing performance. One of the most identified indicators is under staffing of nurses as well as displeasure and discontentment among nurses in practice…
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