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Family Assessment and Substance Abuse Name Institution Course Instructor Date Substance abuse is a major problem affecting everyone in the world, be it from individual, family or society level. Whichever the case, it is a problem that has been addressed and needs a lot more to be done if curbing it is to be achieved.


This paper will illustrate the effects of substance abuse at the family level, and the various interventions that have been put in place to curb this vice. Research and documentations exist that emphasize the effects of substance abuse to its users as well as their families. These effects range from physical, physiological, psychological to emotional. Physically, drugs can facilitate body injury of the user or his/her family. Once one is high, they are prone to engage in violent acts that can injure them or their families (Lyness & Fischer, 2005). Other forms of injury can come from accidents or falls. Physiological damage result when one injures internal body organs like the liver, brain or lungs in the process of substance use. Other effects include hearing loss or loss of attention and reduced concentration span. This can cause permanent damages in the body affecting an individual as well as the family of the affected, especially if that person was a breadwinner. Substance abuse also makes one susceptible to acquisition of infectious sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. This is made possible through sharing of needles when injecting drugs, and by the fact that one is no longer in control of their body and can be sexually abused anytime. The biggest risk of substance abuse is becoming addicted. ...
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