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Pharmacology Name: Course: Instructor: Institution: Date: Pharmacology 1. Discuss how the drug safety for the different phases of pregnancy is determined. Distinguish between the categories established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to classify potential drug risks to the fetus (A,B,C,D,X).


Add up to shirking of pharmacological medicine in pregnancy is not conceivable and may be unsafe in light of the fact that some ladies enter pregnancy with medicinal conditions that oblige progressing and long winded medication. (Patel, 2009) Likewise throughout pregnancy new therapeutic issues can improve and old ones might be obliging pharmacological treatment. The way that certain pills given throughout pregnancy might demonstrate destructive to the unborn kid is one of the traditional issues in medicinal medication. In 1979, Food and Drug Administration advanced a framework that figures out the teratogenic danger of medications by recognizing the nature of information from creature and human studies. FDA orders different pills utilized as a part of pregnancy into five classes, classifications A, B, C, D and X. Classification An is recognized the most secure class and class X is completely contraindicated in pregnancy. This furnishes remedial direction for the clinician. ...
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