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Nursing The Future of Nursing Institution Name Date Introduction This study is a discussion of the future trend and developments in the field of nursing. It particularly investigates the impacts of IOM report about advanced nursing, on the practice of nursing, education and the leadership role of nurses.


Transformation of Nursing Education The IOM report recommends higher levels of education achievement in order to improve the quality of education received from nurses. It compels the medical sector to promote health education and innovation. The future health requires education to enable the health service professionals to rethink and develop stronger visions characterized by actions. Education facilitates necessary change in the services and the styles of management. Because the needs of patients change, there is need to conduct research and perform duties using innovative techniques (Wiener, Frieman and Brown, 2007). Nursing enables nurses to introduce new techniques discovered out of research. Even though presently there is no limit to the minimum education a nurse should have, the future nursing will probably insist a certain minimum qualification. The minimum education aims at increasing the staff members’ competence to offer quality services in the future and to transform the system of thinking of the nurses. Improvement in nursing education will assist in the process of eradicating ignorance and the risks of unethical and unprofessional services. The solution and the risk mitigation strategy for this possibility are to develop a team of educated workforce. ...
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