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Reflective Journal Name Institution Reflective Journal Week 1 Reflective Journal This week’s lesson introduced me to the various issues, challenges and the lifestyles of indigenous people of the world. It was an opportunity to explore deeply into the lives of these indigenous communities collectively referred to as the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strain Islander Peoples (AATSIP).


The introductory parts of this lesson was important in the sense that it provides some insight into some of the common factors that affect the access to good healthcare by minority groups. Cultural factors, disparities in resource distribution, and low income status are some of the issues that afflict the lives of these groups. Culture is a broad term that affects the lives of people. It determines actions, systems, and priorities of people (Stidsen, 2006). Matters of diet and hygiene are conditioned by cultural beliefs. As a result people tend to lead lives in the way that is conditioned by cultural values. The diet practices of the indigenous communities, for instance will determine the kind of health that they will attain. As a result it becomes important for the nursing profession to consider cultural issues in light of the many issues that relate to the beliefs and values of individuals, groups, communities and nations. The introduction to the subject of indigenous people attracted a lot of my interest because I have always been fascinated by the broad subject of this people as relates to original populations. ...
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