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Benner Practice Analysis Paper Mary Frey NUR 315 Tutor’s Name 26th, October, 2012 Benner Practice Analysis Paper Identifying “boundaries” in caring is a major problem to healthcare providers. In this context, the boundary refers to the invisible line that differentiates between a professional practitioner and a family member.


This paper will, therefore, discuss the function of caring in nursing and responsibilities of caregivers. Benner's Model emphasizes a differentiated practice that promotes achievements through a systematic progression. The paper will apply Benner’s model and Dreyfus’ model to reflect on my nursing profession. The paper will focus on appreciation of value through self-empowerment and professional relationships and networks. Functions of Caring In Nursing Caring Caring is the fundamental aspect of nursing. However, there is a slight variation in the mode and length of caring hence, the requirement for specialized training and experience. Throughout my practice, I have acquired relevant skills and experience that I find useful in my practice. Comforting and giving hope to patients is my first priority. Some of the health issue such as terminal illness, old age, some mental disorders, and physical disabilities cannot be solved through medication. In addition, some of the conditions take long time to be treated. In both situations, the patients have the right to receive care and dignity while undergoing treatment and therapies. Continued practice has enabled me to acquire specialized skills in comforting patients. Firstly, I always let the patient to know that they are worth living and acknowledge that they are not the only people with such problems. ...
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