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Name Professor Subject Date of Submission Topic: Nursing Introduction Organizational culture relates to the practices and behaviors of an organization which is customarily practiced by an institution or corporation in the performance of duties to achieve shared values, goals and vision.


Organizational culture Culture is a collective consciousness and practices of a group. It is about valuing thoughts, actions, practices and beliefs that are shared by the organization which has become a personal system or lifestyle of an individual and of an institution (Liviu & Gavrea, 2008). Organizational culture made a group distinct from another. This may be illustrated by the mode of uniform, their expertise on specific profession, kind of language use, their organizational customs, rituals, artworks, shared history, agreed rules, norms evoked in certain circumstances or in dealing with clients or customers, or as amongst nurses—their patients (Changing Minds, 2011). Sociology experts viewed culture as social phenomena where an organization recreates their experiences through language and symbols. It is also their distinct approach in classifying themselves using their experiences and knowledge in defining their relations with people, in dealing with their responses to social needs; and in managing their organizations (Rogojanu, & Badea, 2009). ...
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