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Violence in Mental Health Name University Professor Course Date Violence in Mental Health Literature Review Even in the present era wherein there is a continuous development and improvement of the health care services, the violence being faced by health care professionals specifically the nurses is one of the main concerns in the medical field (Richter & Whittington, 2006).


There are pertinent data included in the review such as the background of the topic, the causes, prevention, case studies and the solutions or management methods to the problem. Background Information on Violence of Psychiatric Patients The study is focused on presenting the different issues and factors pertinent to the violence in mental health services and facilities. To be able to achieve the said objective, there are different points that are needed to be given attention and meaning, for example the definition of the violence that can be experienced by medical providers and nursing personnel. Definition of Violence in Mental Services There are different medical conditions that can result to violence toward health care providers. Included in the said conditions are mental health, substance abuse and the combined effects of the two. In the study conducted to determine the characteristics of violence for recent entrants to acute mental health and substance abuse facility, results had shown that there is a high prevalence of violence within the sample population studied. Approximately 41% of the 171 individuals included in the study had been involved in incidents of violence within the period of 30 days. ...
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