The Challanges a Graduate Nurse Expects to Face During the Graduation Year

The Challanges a Graduate Nurse Expects to Face During the Graduation Year Essay example
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Running head: Nurse Graduate Challenges The Challenges of a Graduate Nurse during Graduate Year Introduction The phenomenal increase in demand for nurses all over the world has caused for the concomitant sprouting of nursing schools and other related facilities.


I will also be discussing these challenges in light of my own experiences. The crux of the matter is that as the demand for nurses is not met by the influx of new graduates, the more lucrative the compensation and the benefits become for those holders of nursing licenses and for those intending to become one. The more rewarding a nursing career seems, then the greater number of students will be inclined to enroll and attend nursing schools. However, with the continued sourcing of graduates, over time, the limit set by the number of medical institutions and health facilities would invariably be met. As a result, after a certain period, there will be an oversaturation of nursing graduates and less or non-existent employment opportunities for them. But then again, the fact is that even after the lapse of a longer period of time than expected, the demand for nurses seem to be unchanged. How can this apparent condition exist? Why is there a steady demand for nursing graduates and how come the market is yet to be inundated with an oversupply of nurses despite the massive enrolment all over the world? To what can this be attributed? The conversion of nursing graduates into full-time nursing personnel is the core matter addressed in this paper . The fact is that while there is a continued influx of licensed nurses, there still remains a steady increase in demand. ...
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