Analysis of Jean Watson's Transpersonal Caring Theory

Analysis of Jean Watson
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Analysis of Jean Watson's Transpersonal Caring Theory Abstract In the contemporary age, a vast majority of the health care systems are going through a phase of administrative restructuring all over the world. This has potentially increased the risk of dehumanization of the care provided to the patients.


Various theories have conventionally surfaced in an attempt to preserve the very heritage, of which the Jean Watson’s transpersonal caring theory happens to be an important one. Jean Watson’s theory allows nurses to connect to their professional roots and recognize their values. Caring is the most fundamental element that makes the nursing much more and greater than just a profession. Practicing the golden principles of the Jean Watson’s theory not only provides patients with the best quality of nursing, but it also improves the self actualization and self esteem of the care providers. In this paper, the essential elements of Jean Watson’s transpersonal caring theory are discussed with special emphasis upon the way nurses can include them in their education, research and clinical practices. Moreover, the paper tends to analyze which worldview, pragmatism or realism dominates in the Jean Watson’s theory. From this paper, nurses can learn how to inculcate the principles of Jean Watson’s theory in their education and practice. Jean Watson’s Theory – Pragmatism or Realism? An in-depth analysis of the Jean Watson’s theory suggests that it promotes the worldview of pragmatism rather than realism. This can be estimated from the fact that realists consider reality independent of human mind. ...
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