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Case study: Pathophysiological template for paediatric astha and 3 case study questions - Essay Example

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Case study: Pathophysiological template for paediatric astha and 3 case study questions

Since his mother reports that she has hay fever Jason's asthma may be allergenic. The possibility of allergenic asthma is further increased by the fact that Jason's brother has eczema; the skin cells related to allergic response and eczema flare-ups are the same as those involved in an asthma response. Since the lining of the airways cannot be penetrated by the allegen or irritant, it is a surface membrane response that leads to all three conditions: asthma, hay fever allergies, and eczema. When Jason's body was exposed to environmental irritants or allergens, his body produced elevated levels of Immunoglobulin E (IgE). This occurs through an allergenic cascade; when Jason is exposed to the allergen, the cells with the allergenic substance attached are attacked by his body's T-cells. These T-cells produce cytokines, which trigger the B-lymphocytes into producing IgE. This production usually takes place within the first few weeks after exposure to the allergen. Some of the IgE will attach to the mast cells of the bronchial lining, while others will remain free-floating. When Jason is re-exposed to the same allergenic trigger, the free-floating IgE will link with the IgE bound to the mast cells and trigger them to produce histamine, prostaglandins and leukotrienes. ...Show more


Case Study Questions 1. In Jason's case, as an infant some environmental factor, such as a respiratory infection or environmental allergy, triggered a bronchospasm that lead to his persistent cough. The bronchospasms result in increased sensitivity of the bronchial lining, making it more prone to future irritation…
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