Time Management and/or Nursing Burnout

Time Management and/or Nursing Burnout Essay example
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Running Head: TIME MANAGEMENT AND NURSING BURNOUT Time Management and Nursing Burnout Submitted by Your Name Goes Here University Name September, 2011 TIME MANAGEMENT AND NURSING BURNOUT Introduction Nursing as a profession basically attracts those people who are care-giving and want to make a difference in the lives of other people.


Any professional is susceptible to burnout. However nursing as a profession is full of strain as they have to work in the stressful environment of the hospital. Nurses have to frequently deal with patients and family members who are sad and traumatized. This along with the intense work pressure can lead to a quicker burnout among nurses than the people of any other profession. Time management is considered as one of the techniques through which this burnout can be prevented. Time management as a skill looks very easy to practice. However the truth is that it is the hardest thing to do. Consistently managing your time day in and day out requires a very high degree of self discipline. Literature review The time management techniques have been fairly well covered in the book chapter. We are exploring an article here which goes beyond just time management to relieve a person of stress and make his life more valuable. This article can be said to be of the type of self care or self well being. This is absolutely an essential component in order to avoid a burnout. We will study some dimensions associated with the job of a person which should be satisfied for him to continue working. Absence of these dimensions can lead to burnout of the individual. ...
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