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Stigma, Adaptation, and Recovery: a Textual Representation of Mental Illness - Essay Example

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Stigma, Adaptation, and Recovery: a Textual Representation of Mental Illness

Of course, with the advent of this writing, judgments have been made with regard to the way audiences and/or readers might respond to such differing representations. This report reflects common attitudes reflected in the literature and media which are going to be discussed. With regard to stigma, an extensive, intensive look will be taken at the issues in discrimination that the mentally ill population faces. Not only that, but we will also examine how important it is for the mentally ill to adapt to their challenges as seen in some ways represented in media. Finally, recovery will be considered as an important element which is represented in the media as an ongoing process, recovery which happens for one character but then not for the other. Ultimately, how the mentally ill are represented in the media is not always correct but can serve up educational moments. II. Stigma Stigma with mental illness has tended not to go away. “There has been a substantial increase in research on the stigma related to mental illness over the past 10 years…” (Thornicroft, 2010, pp. 204). ...Show more


STIGMA, ADAPTATION, AND RECOVERY Stigma, Adaptation, and Recovery: A Textual Representation of Mental Illness In Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar and the Movie A Beautiful Mind Word Count: 2750 (11 pages) I. Introduction One text and one movie were chosen in order to help discuss whether representations of mental illness in the media reflect public opinion or shape attitudes and responses…
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