Self Monitoring and Self Management of Oral Anti-Cogulation Therapy

Self Monitoring and Self Management of Oral Anti-Cogulation Therapy Essay example
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Self-Monitoring and Self-Management of Oral Anti-Coagulation Therapy Practice (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction Today’s healthcare practice is changing rapidly and thus, provision of patient care and management is shifting from institutional based management to home-based care where patients can test their status and manage the condition, especially for medical conditions that are not curable but only manageable such as diabetes.


The idea behind this concept is the fact that this process is fairly simple and if patients are well educated, they can easily do the test accurately and without any hustle (Baglin, et al., 2005). Besides, home based INR testing devices will be able to give results required in a very short while, actually immediately, just like it is the case for those diabetic patients who normally test for their daily levels of glucose. This is not the case when they seek lab based testing since the process takes 24 hours to get the results due to the large number of patients who might need the same service and the fact that in many instances, the medical practitioners do not match the number of patients. For that reason, the therapeutic range required for INR level will be easily achievable. To support this kind of argument, evidence based change practice design illustrated by Rosswurm and Larrabee’s (R & L) model for EB change will be made use of in presenting this paper. ...
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