In Support of the "Distracted Driving Bill"

In Support of the "Distracted Driving Bill" Essay example
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In Support of the “Distracted Driving” Bill Cellular phone usage while driving has been pinpointed as the cause of more than 50% of vehicular accidents in the state of Idaho according to recent surveys by the Eden Medical Center (Graham, 2011). Although we have traffic rules in place for certain types of driving offenses, there are none in place for texting while driving.


The concern of others like Mr. Sauer have been heard. But our state congress has decided that it is not important an issue enough for them to pay attention to. But there are some, like state Sens. John McGee and Les Bock who sponsor the “Distracted Driving “ bill . We need to protect our motorists from the misuse of the very technology was that created to help save lives before it claims any more lives in the future. Although the bill has widespread public support, it died because of politicking or, in the words of Conservative activist Wayne Hoffman who considered it a ““stupid law” that was difficult to enforce because no one can tell if a driver is texting or just twiddling his thumbs. “ (Russel, 2010). The time has come however, to revive this bill and pass it in the state senate. Consider that cellular phones now come with hands free kits for cars and you begin to wonder why a driver would rather type out words while driving when he can always speed dial a number. The National Safety council statistics on texting while driving show that at “least 200,000 crashes a year are caused by drivers who are texting. “ (Graham, 2011). These accidents are usually caused because texting drivers have proven to have a slower response time than drunk drivers. ...
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