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The Advantages of Implementation of Telehealth in Hospitals: A on Tele-ICU - Case Study Example

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The Advantages of Implementation of Telehealth in Hospitals: A on Tele-ICU

Introduction The world is rapidly changing rapidly including advances in technology which significantly improve the ability of hospitals to provide care for their patients. Innovation and the implementation of new technology is an essential part of the continued development of hospitals, particularly those operating in the rural environment. This report presents a case study on the implementation of innovative methods and techniques in the area of telehealth, a rapidly expanding focus of health research and implementation. Telehealth is a broad term that encompasses the use of any form of technology in the medical field. This may be as simple as consultations over the telephone, to video conferences, to the application of real time monitoring of vital signs . It is not known how far telehealth will eventually extend as technology continues to be developed, but it provides a crucial role in hospitals and patient care, offering innovative methods of increasing level of care and decreasing patient mortality. Intensive care units (ICUs) admit millions of patients every year, but despite this the mortality rate is still high, averaging between ten and 15 percent . ...
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The Advantages of Implementation of Telehealth Innovations in Hospitals: A Case Study on Tele-ICU Abstract With the continuing introduction of new technology and new innovations it is important that hospitals, especially rural hospitals make use of the changes in available technology, as this can offer decreased operational cost, decreased patient mortality and an increased level of patient care…
Author : harveykale
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