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Development of a teaching plan Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Development of a teaching plan Learning needs analysis In the clinical environments, there has always been a need to conduct various procedures in an attempt to conduct procedural skillfulness that can be applied in factual life clinical setting.


Learning needs analysis allows for accurate clinical investigations that are in line with the patients’ medical history. This case study shall focus on the need to allow individual be aware of the their abilities to be conversant with learning needs, readiness to learn, abilities to learn, prior experience & learning, learning styles and time available to learn in the clinical setting. This case study shall also assess the organization and assess the professional & service users' needs. This theme of caring for the Hickman Line was arrived at by the growing statistics of the exposure of the Lines to germs. As a result, of careless storage of Hickman lines with no proper care, a lot of infections have recorded an escalating trend. A greater percentage of patients have been seen to visit health centers for replacement of the Hickman lines; others require removal of the same. Learner’s learning needs analysis According to Souhami and Moxham (2002) proper insertion of the Hickman Line is a concern of the learners in the clinical setting. Nurses, the learners in this context, are no exception to the needs analysis on the placement of the Hickman line. Billet (2011) argues that, in the clinical setting, nurses must be actively involved in learning in the clinical setting. ...
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